About us

Quality is the driving force behind the establishment of this brand. The intention is to let our customers have the same feel of confidence and satisfaction that they have when they wear top brands. Our productions are exclusively limited editions in affordable luxury fashion. Remember we are in a new world that gives freedom for you to be yourself. We also acknowledge this, that's why we accept everyone no matter who you are, where you come from, we are one house AAJPREMIER. 


AAJPREMIER is a family oriented brand that was formerly known as UNIQUE. The name UNIQUE was driven to help our audience get the best fit regardless of their sizes. It's part of our core value to provide a quality production sizes at the same price. This means, you can be rest assured of perfection from us considering your size. We go above and beyond to make sure every sizes in covered in our collections and we are improving to make no room for any excuses.



Time is very important to everyone. We value the importance of getting things done quickly and perfectly. AAJPREMIER is an apparel brand, fully online retailer and manufacturer, here to save you shopping time travel and the hassles involved in it. You are just a click away from us on any internet devices available to you. 



Our design team are evenly on top of their innovative game for updated fashion styles in every season. We are aware of that wow factor feeling when you cut across the uncommon incredible style, therefore this can only happen because that's what we do and we must do it because we exist to create that incredible style for you.